Intel agencies warned Trump, lawmakers about the virus in January, February


The Washington Post reports that the intelligence agencies warned the President and lawmakers in January and February about a possible pandemic. The intel officials believed that China was lying about the Chinese Virus after they studied the spread of the illness throughout various countries, although they didn’t offer suggestions or know when the virus would hit U.S. shores.

The Washington Post is fake news media.


WaPo’s sources were critical of the President downplaying the virus and both the President and lawmakers for allegedly ignoring the virus. It states that the lawmakers, in particular, only became engaged this month.

WHO declared coronavirus a public health emergency on January 30th.

The warning did, in fact, lead President Trump to declare a public health emergency and announce travel restrictions to China on January 31st.

NPR called the measures drastic and NBC News called the President a racist. At the same time, he was on trial.

President Trump took action under tremendous pressure. The impeachment was December 18th and the Senate trial was in January and February.

When President Trump announced the travel ban, Joe Biden called him a xenophobe on the same day and still insists the travel ban is xenophobic. Biden said he would never have done it.

Biden claimed President Trump was “fearmongering:”


At the same time, China’s President Xi Jinping was not providing Trump with trustworthy information about the coronavirus.

At the end of February, Trump implemented restrictions on travel to and from Iran. Trump announced a European travel ban earlier in March and followed up on that by declaring a national emergency as well.

In addition, China was covering it all up.

The Washington Examiner reported, “there is well-documented evidence that China tried to cover up the existence and spread of the coronavirus, silenced doctors and whistleblowers, misled the World Health Organization, and attempted to keep independent health experts from investigating in Wuhan. One study indicated that if the Chinese government acted more quickly, the coronavirus’s spread around the world would have been greatly reduced [by 95%].”

The World Health Organization, which is heavily influenced by China, and the U.S. media, helped spread Communist China’s propaganda when the President properly called the virus, the Chinese Virus.

The Democrat politicians in this country joined the assault of the administration. They’re relentless.

The President explained that the communists were placing blame for the spread of the disease on the U.S. military and he was making it clear that the oppressive Chinese regime is to blame.

Which lawmakers knew and were they the same lawmakers condemning his actions to slow the virus?

Democrat lawmakers were also warned but all they cared about was impeaching the President. Was Joe Biden warned and still called the President a racist? We need some more information to fill out this report.

Shouldn’t we be joining together against our enemy Communist, oppressive China, if anyone?

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