Interlopers, Carpetbaggers, Want to DESTROY Suffolk County


Interlopers, Carpetbaggers, Want to DESTROY Suffolk County

by Froy, RN

NYC has been DECIMATED, the result of Low Information voters who chronically vote Democrat; these SAME People are now coming for Suffolk County. Their nearsighted, irrational voting habits have destroyed, NYC  causing the Big Apple to become rotten its core, and they will do the same thing to Long Island.

As reported here yesterday, many wealthy NYC residents were able to escape the ravages of DeBlasio, the exponential increase of violent crime, the “peaceful demonstrations,” leaving many businesses boarded up or burned down, have changed their permanent residences to Suffolk County.  Needless to say, overwhelmingly, they are registering as Democrats.

For them, it’s a good match. We have so far largely escaped the chaos and, as Riverhead is a sanctuary town, cheap labor to staff their homes is plentiful. The much lower income NYC folks, well, they are plum out of luck.

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

Repeat the same acts over and over each time, expecting a different outcome.

Last year, approx. 700,000 Californians “got out of Dodge” permanently.  Most of them moved to Texas, leaving many in that red state to worry they would bring their insane voting habits with them. Florida has similar concerns as an enormous number of New Yorkers have been escaping to the Sunshine State.

The concerns are quite valid because it seems these people learn NOTHING by the error of their ways.  They keep voting into office Leftwing Democrats who pass suffocating laws, regulations, and dictates, making those states miserable places to live.  So they move to red states where taxes are low, law and order prevails, cities are clean and safe, AND IMMEDIATELY START VOTING for THE SAME SORT OF TYRANNICAL MISCREANTS who ruined their blue states.

Many Republicans in America, even those stuck in blue states, have worried blue state “refugees would eventually crush red states.” After all, many dream one day they too can escape the NY Nanny State. That threat has now swooped in to our own Suffolk county.

Suffolk Could Return to Deaf, Dumb and Blind Representation

Don’t let that happen…

Remember Tim Bishop, often unaffectionately referred to as “the Bearded Marxist?” During Bishop’s 12 LONG YEARS, he managed to ingratiate himself to all the right people that helped him keep his House seat.  He also completely ignored the pleadings of his constituents and strictly voted his party line.  Thousands of NYCD1 residents begged, LITERALLY BEGGED him thousands of phone calls, emails to vote against Obamacare. Tim took his phone off the hook and completely ignored voters.  It was the Last Straw for Bishop.

Like Bishop, Nancy Goloff, NYCD1 Democrat challenger, is also a product of a university, this time Stony Brook. One of her ads states, “When I was working in Stony Brook, I learned that some scientists didn’t have healthcare coverage, so we fixed that, and now I’m running for Congress.”  THE ARROGANCE believing performing like a shop steward is all the qualification she needs to become a member of congress.

With even greater arrogance, Nancy believes her experience as a chemistry teacher at a SUNY school makes her somehow superior to some of the most brilliant physicians and scientists in the world working with this president.  Maybe she plans on dragging a loaner Bunsen Burner from her classroom lab to DC with her.

Let’s see what other Ph.D. goodies Nancy has planned…

Goroff is as radical a professor as you will ever find … but she has cleverly tried to paint Congressman Zeldin everything he is not while trying her might bamboozle NYCD1 voters.

Realizing it was a big mistake referring to our police as “dangerous,” while holding a BLM sign, she now professes she does not support defunding police.  She believes voters are not clever enough to figure out what “redirecting resources” actually means. Or that Democrats will actually get ANY Social worker volunteer to answer what is among the most dangerous of police calls, Domestic Violence.

She also wants to end “qualified immunity” for police. What does that mean?  The ONLY WAY police can perform their jobs is by being indemnified.  Without it, there is not a single police officer in the country that would be able to protect us … not one.

Goroff has refused to condemn rioting, looting, and police attacks. She supports ending cash bail and emptying prisons. She will NOT support federal funding to combat MS-13 Gangs. You can’t help but wonder if that stance would change it one of both of HER daughters butchered to death by MS13? Meanwhile, while neutering police, she WILL do her might to eliminate your 2nd Amendment rights.  No police, NO self-protection… great.

Ms. Goroff seems to be unaware of assault weapons, and high capacity magazines have already been banned, and thus, her calling for MORE, “gun reform,” can mean only one thing. They ABSOLUTELY WILL come for your guns.  Remember, Biden has already said he would put idiot Beto O’Rouke in charge of the confiscation.

In Goroff’s utopian society, the New Green Deal gets a big green GO; the full force of ObamaCare with all its pain and suffering returns on steroids; She alone will distinguish between human traffickers and violent criminals among those who WILL be allowed to pour across our borders; and Amnesty with Social Security and full benefits FOR ALL.

Suffolk, BEWARE

NYCD1 residents better understand: if they vote for this woman, they will have absolutely NO SAY in what she does or how she performs in congress. She WILL follow the Democrat party line regardless of WHAT you say.

We know Goroff is very well funded with LOTS of Dark Money. ActBlue, the hardened, Leftwing DNC group BLM is sending $billions to is directly linked to her website for ease of donations. Now add to that NYC interlopers and folks. This WILL be a battle.

Congressman Zeldin has earned respect he now enjoys in Congress.  He not only has done an outstanding job representing us but has been extremely approachable and responsive to residents in our district. He has garnered an impressive reputation for answering every resident’s concern. He has also demonstrated great courage standing strong with our president.  Then again, his military record as a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne in Operation Iraqi Freedom spoke to his courage long ago.

Claims Goroff has made about our congressman, a man who continues to this day serving our nation in the Army Reserves, just smacks of the ridiculous.  Just as our president has gone to battle for us, so has Congressman Zeldin.

The very LEAST WeThePeople can do is return that favor.

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John Vieira
1 year ago

There are another set of “refugees” that suffer from the same ailments….and are potentially even MORE fatal than the demoncrapicrino variety…

Not Fakebook Not Your Friend
Not Fakebook Not Your Friend
1 year ago

Yankees get what they deserve.

Jack Roper
Jack Roper
1 year ago

What if they never intended to learn and are just a horde of locusts? Capital City is now CPUSA occupied and the lifetime democrat voter flood just keeps coming.
All of these new plates aren’t just rental cars because they are moving into homes that go on the market and sell within a few months time and sometimes even sooner.
The big brains don’t care how it all works on the ground with congestion and out of control development as they only see tax dollars coming in.