Iran Says the Attack Is Concluded, Warns Israel Not to Respond, Update


Update: This morning, New York time, Al Jazeera again reported that Iran says the “operation is completed, and if Israel retaliates, the next response will be worse.” According to the report, Iran fired 300 drones and missiles. Al Jazeera writes:

While Iran’s response to the attack on its consulate in Syria would be largely welcomed domestically and by its regional allies, it would also be likely met by further Western measures, says Mehran Kamrava, professor of government at Georgetown University Qatar.

“Iran had domestic audiences it had to address and the so-called Axis of Resistance militia groups in the region that it had to satisfy, so it has saved face,” Kamrava told Al Jazeera, describing the attack on Israeli positions as “measured.”

“Iran is going to be punished economically through additional sanctions by the European Union and by the United States. There will be some additional pressures, commercial and diplomatic on Iran,” he added.

Israel says they successfully thwarted the attack overnight.

Original Report

According to Al Jazeera, Iran’s UN mission says the attack is concluded, and they warned Israel not to respond.

Al Jazeera reports that missiles hit Ramon military base in the Negev.

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