Iran’s Secret Agents Are in US Cities With Target Lists!!!


Todd Bensman, a researcher for The Center for Immigration Studies, states that Iranian clandestine agents (Unit 9 10) are already in U.S. cities just waiting for a call from Tehran [to attack].”

They are armed to the teeth with target lists!

“Google my name, Todd Bensman, and unit 9 10, and you’ll see all my reports. They are clandestine agents in American cities, armed to the teeth with target lists already drawn up, waiting for orders from Tehran.”

Do you doubt that China, Russia, North Korea, and other foes are doing the same thing?

TEHRAN, IRAN – JANUARY 05: Iranian worshippers chant the slogan ‘death to America’ during Friday prayers at Mosalla grand mosque on January 05, 2018, in Tehran, Iran.

“China knows … this administration tolerates mass illegal entry and asylum fraud,” Bensman testified. “But the administration seems equally accommodating to a direct national security threat this human flow poses — China’s relentless economic and political espionage campaigns.”

Our enemies started to pour in under Presidents Bush and Obama. An Iranian strategist warned in 2017 that they had sleeper cells in the US. So, Biden opened the borders. Watch the clip.

Then we have our new economy wreckers – the deadbeats.


Todd Bensman explains how Venezuelans manipulate our asylum system: “Almost all Venezuelans have or will be let into America on just the presumption that they can’t go back to Venezuela’s wrecked economy and political dictatorship.

“But mass fraud appears to undergird these tens of thousands of border entries. Because large numbers are coming now, and they haven’t lived in Venezuela for many years.

“Many using the humanitarian claim do not come directly from Venezuela. They were living happily, comfortably, and prosperously in other countries for years at a time.”

They’re not fleeing persecution. They’re seeking a lifestyle upgrade on your dime. Why work when working Americans can pay for you?

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