Mr. Trump Speaks with Tim Pool: Immigration, War, Assange, Fauci


Tim Pool, who refuses the label left or right, was skeptical of Donald Trump in 2016 and didn’t vote for him, but Obama let him down. He now says, “I think you’re the greatest president of my lifetime.”

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t vote for you in 2016. I was jaded. Obama let me down. I’m from Chicago. I thought 2016 was silly. And then in 2020, with the timeline for getting out of Afghanistan, when you tried to get our troops out of Syria. My question is, ‘Why are we in Syria?’ Who even knew? And they lied to you, and they lied to us about the number of troops in there. And so, maybe it’s a bit blunt for me to say I want to see people prosecuted for the lies to the American people. But in terms of foreign policy, perhaps it’s a little bit of a biased interview, but I think you’re the greatest president of my lifetime.”

“I look at your policies; I see you secure the borders and bring jobs back. I look at the Democrats and many Republicans, and it’s foreign war and foreign expansion.”

The media paints Tim Pool as extreme right-wing, but they are extreme left-wing. If he fits anywhere, it’s probably Libertarian.


Democrats and their parrots in the media are disparaging the former president with a comment taken out of context about a “beautiful” relationship with Kim Jong Un. Mr. Trump believes establishing relationships with world leaders gets more than refusing to speak with them. Meanwhile, Biden is allowing Iran to get rich.

The former president promised the largest deportation effort in US history. Mr. Trump said they would start with the criminals and mentally ill, employing our police in the effort. Honor, respect, and immunity must go back to the police, he said. His administration will give them their dignity and strength.

Trump’s administration will work closely with local police and will stop it. He believes 16 to 17 million are already here illegally from all over the world.

He is seriously considering pardoning Julian Assange.

Trump said he cut the funding and Fauci was not a big player in his administration. He turned the power of lockdowns and other restrictions to the states.

When he gets a good AG, they will take a gook look at Dr. Fauci’s lying to Congress.

He said at the end: “We better win; we’re not going to have a country.”

This is the full interview:

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