Irish Students Shouting IRA Slogans Protest After Hamas Massacre


Belfast, Northern Ireland-U.K – April 30, 2008: Gate passage between Catholic and Protestant districts in Belfast, Northern Ireland

“A school in Belfast has faced backlash after pupils staged a “completely inappropriate” lunchtime protest in support of Palestine and repeated IRA slogans,” reported The Telegraph.

A group of about fifty students demonstrated in the playground with teachers watching, or monitoring, or promoting.

The organizer of the protest, the sixth former Pádraig de Brún, ended his speech by quoting IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands: “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

The school’s X page said: “Some students organised a demonstration …and justice of Palestine yesterday, showing the big and generous heart they have and their commitment to the people around the world.”

Teachers watched this and allowed it. Ireland has taken in a lot of foreigners with unlike values. Makes one wonder if it’s a good idea.

The Irish-medium secondary school faces calls to take action and to “educate their pupils” on the atrocities taking place in Israel following the demonstration.

In a written statement provided by the school to The Telegraph, Mr. de Brún said he was aware of “some of the similarities” between the Israel-Palestine conflict and “here in the north.”

Mr. de Brún said:

“On Wednesday, I organised a peaceful protest in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Having a keen interest in politics and studying A-Level History, I am aware of some of the similarities to the conflict here in the north.

“I spoke to my fellow students and briefly explained some of the background of the region.

“This protest was not an endorsement of Hamas or any other political organisation, but merely to highlight the ongoing plight of these people.”

In my humble opinion, to hold a protest on behalf of Palestinian Hamas immediately after a genocidal attack is an endorsement of the genocidal attack. We better start paying attention to the schools. The poisonous hate is spreading, and everyone with a grievance is getting riled up. It’s spreading around the world.

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