Irresponsible Rep says he knows rioters wanted to kill blacks


The man who thinks additional military on Guam could tip the island over, Rep. Hank Johnson said he has no doubt the rioters would have “lynched” black congressmen like him if they had gotten into the Chamber.

He made the irresponsible comment to Al Sharpton on his show. He even said he had ‘no doubt.’

He credited his survival to the death of the Air Force veteran’s death. He said the shooting kept the mob from getting in.

“Had it not been for the gunshot of the one shot fired by that plainclothes officer in the Speaker’s lobby right behind the House gallery … if those people had been able to get through, they would have had us who were in the gallery up on the third floor trapped,” he said.

“Rev. Al, when they finally got us out of there, we walked past spread-eagled rioters on the floor at gunpoint by the Capitol Hill police officers as we went down the steps. They had us surrounded up there on the third floor. And if that police officer had not fired and stopped the onslaught in the Speaker’s lobby, they would’ve cut off our escape route,” he continued. “They would’ve had us upstairs, and I have no doubt that some of us who look like me would’ve been hanging from the railings of the third floor, onto the House floor, swinging like … strange fruit. We would’ve been swinging from those railings.”

Democrats and their useful idiots want a race war of sorts to implement their own brand of fascism. They constantly make everything about race.

Apparently, there was a gallows outside days before, not on that day. The gallows was a prop and had nothing to do with race, and it wasn’t necessarily put there by the right.

There was one person with a confederate flag and the media keeps making an issue of it, claiming there were a number of such flags.

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