Jacob Chansley’s Lawyer Blames His Ex-Lawyer for His Sentence


Jacob Chansley, the Q Anon Shaman of January 6th, has a new attorney. Chansley is currently serving 41 months in prison for what turned out to be trespassing. Last night, Albert Watkins, the attorney who worked out Chansley’s plea deal, was on Tucker Carlson Tonight. This evening, Jacob Chansley’s new attorney William Shipley was on the show and blamed Mr. Watkins for the terrible plea deal.

Mr. Shipley said attorney Watkins worked out the terrible deal from 41 months to 51 months. Judge Lamberth gave him 41.

That does change the picture quite a bit, if true.

Also, Jacob Chansley’s mother said that her son was walking around with the police because he told them he saw people in the Senate Chamber, and wanted to help the police in any way he could.

That wasn’t evident in any videos, but who knows?

What hasn’t changed is the dishonest prosecution. The prosecutor described him as violent, but there is zero evidence of that.

Defendants must have due process, exculpatory evidence, and a fair sentence.

Tucker blamed Liz Cheney and the J6 panel for Chansley’s situation, but, according to the Chair of the panel, Benny Thompson, they never saw any of the videos. That seems even worse in a way. They wanted to send people to prison without even looking at the evidence.

This is the interview with the new lawyer and the mother:

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11 months ago

It’s Clear almost everyone was Railroaded and every Lawyer in the DoJ involved should lose their Law License FOREVER!