Jan 6 protesters/trespassers/rioters held in solitary, no bail, some without charges


People at the Capitol, not necessarily in the Capitol, on January 6th are in restrictive housing, aka solitary.

Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Dick Durbin (IL) spoke up against the harsh treatment of people taken into custody for the Jan. 6 Capitol “riot.”


According to the Tennessee Star, the jail where some rioters /trespassers are kept, houses 1,500 inmates. They are confined to their jail cells 22 hours per day, an increase of one hour over what it was last month. They are prohibited from going outside.

Some of them are let out for recreation at 2 am due to COV.

Washington Post report described the jail’s COVID-19 order as “mass solitary confinement.”

That got Democrats concerned because it hurts their argument for making DC a state.


As to those being held for being present at the Capitol on Jan. 6, many are being held in pretrial detention on charges ranging from knowingly entering or remaining in restricted grounds (trespassing) without authority to conspiracy, assault, and obstruction of an official proceeding.

Some haven’t been charged with anything.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) expressed concerns about the conditions in the jail.

“D.C.’s house is not in order, and the solution is not to grant it even more authority through statehood,” Comer said on April 19.

That comment came in response to a Washington Post report which described the jail’s COVID-19 order as “mass solitary confinement.”

In arguing against D.C. statehood in an April 22 speech, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) also cited the same Post report. In that speech, Higgins alleged that the city had been “essentially torturing inmates” for over a year, and noted: “That is ultimately a violation of the 8th Amendment…is that what we can expect from a D.C. state?”

Meanwhile, communists and anarchists who burn down buildings and ICE buildings, beat police officers, get a night in jail and have charges dismissed.


Mayor Muriel Bowser and House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney won’t meet to discuss it.

A lawyer for Jan. 6 defendants told Politico that lawmakers should contact him if they were concerned about the inmates’ treatment. Marty Tankleff, himself exonerated after decades in prison for a wrongful murder conviction, told Just the News no one has contacted him nearly three weeks later.

His clients include Ryan Samsel, who alleges a prison guard beat him so badly he suffered permanent eye damage, and Edward Jacob Lang, an observant Jew who claims guards disparaged him as a “false prophet” as he prayed for other inmates.



  1. Because of Covid, the Dems released rapist/murderers/rioters but keep protesters/trespassers(?) locked up. I thought the WH belonged to the American People, not to Democrat elites…err…politicians.

  2. So these people are technically Political Prisoners – in an America under Democrat Rule! Democrats have ZERO respect for the Constitution or the The People!

  3. These same people, and their despicable corrupt lackeys in the Main sewer Stream fake Media actually had the audacity to call DJ a tyrant…snicker snicker…

  4. We must get these people out of this illegal confinement, some of them are being brainwashed and will be programmed to attack Americans down the road. We now need to enact legislation that holds the democratic party guilty and liable for any problems caused by these people after released, because these citizens have been deprived of sleep which makes them susceptible to programming and the democrats are programming some of these people to do destructive things against the American public. We now need to enact laws that hold the democrats responsible for these actions and subject to TREASON AGAINST AMERICA AND THE WORLD. This is illegal for OUR CITIZENS to have been arrested, for false charges. I support Donald J. Trump but I am extremely disappointed in TRUMP for allowing this to have happened for YOUR SUPPORTERS, you say you stand for America, these are YOUR SUPPORTERS, WHERE IS YOUR SUPPORT?

  5. We are developing a plan to free these prisoners in a peaceful and lawful way. We are the Treasure Valley Council of Patriots.

  6. I would like to know the specific location of where these demonstrators are being held. And if possible all of their names.

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