Janice Dean takes out Ben Rhodes in a couple of tweets


Barack Obama’s creative writing expert Ben Rhodes, who lied to America about the nuclear deal and bragged about it, once again plays the fool. Janice Dean exposed his lack of character.

Rhodes tweeted yesterday: Andrew Cuomo is a good lesson that treating people terribly for years ultimately forces a reckoning.

Janice Dean responded: Just a few months ago you loved him.

He didn’t just love Andrew Cuomo, soon-to-be ex-governor of New York. He used him to demean President Trump and glorify Andrew Cuomo as a leader when he was literally responsible for the deaths of thousands of the elderly in nursing homes.

Janice Dean’s mother-in-law and father-in-law died under Cuomo’s policies. They were in separate nursing homes, not hospitals, and died without visitors. And she wants justice!

Rhodes actually wrote in one tweet: Cuomo offers a good reminder that it’s good to elect people who know what the role of government should be – a reflection of our values, and an institution that can perform functions that no one else can.

That would be embarrassing to most people but it doesn’t phase these people in the top echelons of government one bit. They have a corrupt media on their side.


Rhodes claimed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s factual assessment of the situation with China and the virus is “dangerous” and “bigotry against Asians” that is “raising the risk of conflict with China.”

If you remember, he is the creative writing major who wrote on the pages of the NY Times that he deliberately lied about the Iran deal to manipulate the public — and laughed at the stupid Americans for falling for it.

Rhodes spreads Chinese and Iranian propaganda.

Obviously, nothing SOS Pompeo said was aimed at Asian people. He was talking about the Chinese Communist Party government — in China — not all of Asia.

He has no moral core. Maybe he’s a sociopath. There’s something terribly wrong with his character.

His protege Ned Price wants us to do business with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard:

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