Jason Whitlock Joke, “I’m Outraged for Nancy Pelosi…”


Some Democrats are outraged over the segment below that aired on Tucker last night. Jason Whitlock went all out joking about the Paul Pelosi attack.

Whitlock said, “I’m outraged for Nancy Pelosi. This woman has taken the hard-earned money she’s made from insider trading and invested in a pair of cans at 82 years old, and comes home to find out that her husband is playing hide the hammer with a BLM guy?!”

Oh my, what a hornet’s nest he stirred up with that joke. Some on the Left were very offended. Comedy is like that. It can offend.

Whitlock is an American sports journalist, columnist, and podcaster.  He used to work for Outkick and now hosts a program for Blaze Media. He hosts the show Fearless with Jason Whitlock.

Aaron Ruper thinks Whitlock was serious.

Ruper continued, but this was a joke.

Chad’s just silly.

Chad can’t stop himself.

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