Jeff Zucker’s Gone But Not Because He’s a Partisan Hack


People who rejoice at the departure of Jeff Zucker shouldn’t be too happy. He’s not out because his activist network can’t be trusted, but rather because he failed to disclose an affair with a subordinate at the network.

Zucker isn’t out because he ruined the network with far-left lunacy. It’s over a sleazy affair.

The head of marketing, who was Chris Cuomo’s staffer, was Zucker’s paramour. She is now — allegedly — going to take Zucker’s job.

The affair became public when Chris Cuomo was investigated for complaints from a woman who said they had an affair as Cuomo was doing damage control for his brother, the governor.

Zucker might have survived if it wasn’t for the bad ratings and the failure of their news division. They are too far into partisan commentary.

Zucker went from being Donald Trump’s friend to turning CNN into an anti-Trump network. Now Trump is gone and so are the ratings.

Last week, Brian Stelter complained on air that Joe Rogan is more trusted than CNN news. He’s right but he doesn’t understand that it’s because they produce fake news.

The elite, the aristocrats, which includes journalists in their minds, can do whatever they want and they will tell you what to do. They love to tell you what to think. The media controls your thoughts. It is the media that tells you what to care about. They probably can’t change, so don’t expect too much with Zucker gone.

We’re moving to a monarchy of sorts.

The rules don’t apply to them in general but when they make less money and their audience dissipates, rules apply.

CNN tries to claim the high road but they’re licentious and liars. Hopefully, CNN will go back to news, but don’t count on it.

Yes, I trust Joe Rogan more than CNN.

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