Based Grandma Humiliates a Thief


According to security expert Chris McGoey, the costs are tremendous. From amateur thieves, who look for crimes of opportunity, to theft rings, stealing costs retailers and consumers a great deal of money.

Theft from stores, including employee and vendor theft, cost retailers many billions of dollars per year. Independent retail studies have estimated theft from retail stores costs the American public 33.21 billion dollars per year. Depending on the type of retail store, retail inventory loss ranges from .7%-2.2% of gross sales with the average falling around 1.70%.

Whole retail store chains have gone out of business due to their inability to control retail theft losses. And worse yet, the cost of these losses are passed on to us…the consumer.

Shoplifting losses vary by store type but can account for about one-third of the total inventory shrinkage.

It is estimated that shoplifting occurs 330 – 440 million times per year at a loss of $10-$13 billion dollars. Nationwide, that equates to 1.0-1.2 million shoplift incidents every day at a loss rate of $19,000-$25,300 dollars stolen per minute. When you factor in employee and vendor theft, this sum skyrockets to an estimate of over $33 billion dollars stolen per year.

But sometimes you need a grandma to help with your security. Take based Grandma, although we don’t recommend this by grandmas everywhere. A lot of thieves carry weapons, if only their fists.


Democrats are making it worse.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
1 year ago

Granny has more more balls than the other shoppers who kept their hands in their pockets! That thief should be easily caught thanks to Granny’s unmasking. But it’s all for naught because he probably won’t be prosecuted. If local DAs won’t prosecute murderers and carjackers, why would they bother with a minor crime like this. I say make Granny the DA!

The United States Of Venezuela
The United States Of Venezuela
1 year ago

Retail is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy.
Everything should be rated too big to fail and backed up by a printing press and then turned into a commune ran by historic repurposing czar comrade commissar Barnie Sandlers of the glorious people’s republic of Vermont where each unity collective member can meets his needs for free while uniting with the workers.
Forward! Yes we can.

Vinnie the Wheel
Vinnie the Wheel
1 year ago

Sheattle was removed from the bucket list forever after the CHAZ workers utopia.
No room for commie.
Red State will eventually be transformed as the Grand Old Politburo governor put out the welcome mat for hundreds of thousands of replacements for the chamber of commerce.
Grannies have made it this far for a reason and you might even learn something from them.