Jen Psaki Mocks Putin’s Sanctions Stupidly


Moscow on Tuesday slapped sanctions on 13 political figures in the U.S. including Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Jake Sullivan is included.

Biden announced new sanctions on Russia today.

Jen Psaki mocked the Kremlin on Tuesday or tried to. She said they bungled the imposition of sanctions on President Joe Biden. She added they’d make no difference to U.S. officials who didn’t have Russian bank accounts anyway.

That’s nothing, Biden bungled the entire country.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they were being added to a ‘stop list’ in retaliation for the growing economic blockade on its economy.

Psaki Made An Attempt at Humor

“I would first note that President Biden is a “junior” so they may have sanctioned his dad, may he rest in peace,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during her regular daily briefing.

“The second piece I would say is … that none of us are planning tourist trips to Russia and none of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access, so we will forge ahead.”

Reset Hillary tried to be funny.

“I want to thank the Russian Academy for this Lifetime Achievement Award,” Hillary said in a tweet.

Will they still be laughing when the sanctions destroy our economy? Maybe they will since they’re all in on The Great Reset and their policies and the sanctions will rush us toward implosion.

Lefties are just not funny.

Remember when Hillary tried to reset relations with Russia and gave Minister Lavrov a cheap plastic toy with a button and bad Russian?

New Sanctions

Washington was unveiled fresh sanctions on President Alexander Lukashenko, Moscow’s ally in Belarus, and 11 key Russian defense officials.

The Russian move effectively bars Biden and 12 other U.S. figures – including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, C.I.A. director Bill Burns – from entering Russia.

Daleep Singh, an economist on the NSA, the architect of sanctions on Russia, also makes the list.

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