Jesse Binnall’s devastating testimony on election fraud in Nevada


We think people should hear Trump attorney Jesse Binnall’s devastating testimony about the corruption in Nevada during today’s hearing before the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Committee.

This voter fraud has to be investigated. Investigate it and, if there was no fraud, then fine. The Supreme Court should have stopped the clock to allow a decent probe. This is the election for the leader of the free world, and it’s become a mockery around the world.


As you can see, YouTube banned it because it’s a scam, spam and violates their terms of service.

We will never again be able to make fun of the elections in third world countries.

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society published their final report, reprinted here.

Hava and Non Profit Organization Report Final w Attachments and Preface 121420 on Scribd



  1. Out of state voters huh? I’m in the military and we vote in our home state while living in another. Oops! Too bad he couldn’t come up with any real proof. His data analyst was already discredited and shot down by courts. He keeps repeating the same nonsense. Election is over. Biden won. Suck it up buttercup.

    • Hey Dps… he explicitly discussed that military voters were not included in the numbers. Perhaps you should consider actually watching the video. Of course there’s the possibility that you couldn’t comprehend it, sure.

    • You wrote nonsense, stench laden noisemaker, because you are incapable of reasoning.

      Of course, with your 15 second attention span, and inability to analyze, you are unable to cite a single thing refuting his testimony. No court “shut down” any of it, liar.

    • DPS,
      There is no way you are in the Military and think that Biden really won from his basement while with Parkinson’s. What military person wants a corrupt Biden who took money from China and Russia AND has Parkinson’s to be leader of the military and free world ???? You are a complete moron.

  2. “If you allow the government to break the law during an emergency. They will create emergencies to break the law.”

    Lisa Simpson

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