Jesse Jackson Calls for an End to the Electoral College and Confederate Monuments


Jackson gave a speech at the Islamic Center of Southern California where he bemoaned the results of the electoral college which led to Al Gore and later Hillary Clinton losing their elections. He doesn’t want to see America’s rural sections have the power afforded them by the electoral college, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In other words, he wants the rural sections to be silenced and have the cities decide the elections, especially the coastal cities.

The anti-America race-baiting leader also weighed in on the monuments. “Today we are looking at a structural problem,” Jackson said. “These monuments must go.

Calling for the audience to repeat after him like mindless drones, he said, “Say the monuments and the flags and the electoral college must go.”

Jackson called Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Charlottesville, Va., a new Medger Evers-style martyr.

“The martyrs triggered a new day,” Jackson said. There is power in the blood of the martyrs. When Heather was killed it redefined Charlottesville. It redefined this phase of American history. We are here today because Heather died. In many ways this new situation has connected us in new ways.”

Good grief.

Jesse Jackson used to call Donald Trump a friend but now he’s a Republican President and cannot be a friend. Jesse and other Democrats liked his money but now the friends have flipped and call him a racist though there has never been any evidence of that. Jesse and the others who abandoned him have very poor values.

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