Jesse Watters’ Perfect Summary of Charges Against Trump, Except One


The problem everyone should have with the indictment against Donald J. Trump is that others have done exactly the same thing and were not prosecuted. Jesse Watters does an excellent job of dealing with it in the clip below. However, there is an issue that is concerning.


Alan Dershowitz explained on Friday.

“There’s only one page that has anything of substance to it,” Dershowitz said during his second television appearance Friday on Fox News’s Kudlow. The page includes evidence submitted by a writer and publisher who were in the process of drafting a book on Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Both visited the former president at The Bedminster Club in New Jersey in July 2021 and made Trump aware they would be recording their interactions.

“The one page that’s of concern, obviously, if it’s true, is the tape recording that was made of a conversation ex-President Trump had with a writer who was writing a book about Meadows, in which he said: ‘look, I have these documents. They’re secret. I could have declassified them when I was president, but I didn’t,'” Dershowitz explained. “And then either shows it to him or shows him that he has it.”

The Plan of Attack

At that meeting, which took place at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the allegation is that Trump allegedly showed them and described a “plan of attack” against an undisclosed foreign country (Iran).

The indictment states that Trump said the attack plan had been prepared for him by the Department of Defense and a senior military official (Mark Milley, a fool).

That has to be explained. If DJT waved it around and no one could see what was on it, it’s probably not a concern.

The rest should be under the Records Act and treated as a civil case. That might not matter.

I have never seen [federal prosecutors] fail against a current or former government official” when charging violations of the Espionage Act, national security lawyer Brad Moss told Semafor.

Still, judges have discretion in sentencing, and first-time offenders, if convicted, rarely get anywhere near the maximum penalty. A likely major consideration in any sentencing is that Trump is a former president of the United States.

I don’t believe there are any conditions under which Donald Trump’s enemies will let him win the presidency for many reasons.


At the beginning of this tape, Alex expresses his take, which will be what much of the world will say.

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