Bill Barr Smears Donald Trump Without Seeing the Facts


Bill Barr sat down with Host Shannon Bream regarding last week’s indictment against Trump. As usual, he did his best to demonize Donald Trump even though he has only heard one side of the allegations in the indictment against Donald J. Trump. He knows he is tainting the jury pool as a former top law enforcement officer.

He argued that the incident is “very damning” for the Republican candidate, who has claimed he will continue running for president in 2024 even if he is convicted.

“If even half of [the indictment] is true, then he’s toast. It’s a very detailed indictment, and it’s very, very damning,” Barr said.

“This idea of presenting Trump as a victim here–the victim of a witch hunt–is ridiculous. Yes, he’s been a victim in the past. Yes, his adversaries have obsessively pursued him with phony claims, and I’ve been at his side defending him when he is a victim, but this is much different. He’s not a victim here,” Barr added. “He was totally wrong that he had the right to have those documents. Those documents are among the most sensitive secrets the country has.”


Could we see the evidence first? Barr is known as the Fixer and shouldn’t be considered credible by either side of the political equation. He has fixed things against the Left and the Right. Barr is a Bush-Cheney operative.

Donald Trump was indicted Friday on 37 federal counts, including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and false statements.

“They took one charge, and they made it 36 different times. And we have a thug who is in charge. This is a political hit job;” Donald Trump said. “Republicans are treated far differently at the Justice Department than Democrats,” Trump said in a speech at the Georgia Republican state convention.

It is true that almost all of the charges should be under the Records Act and are not criminal violations. The Supreme Court already decided that. The fact that they included nonsense makes them look bad. They also look bad because they’ve lied so much in the past, for example, Russia Gate. And they have refused to charge Democrats who have done the same thing.

Mark Levin has a point.

Barr is despicable for not waiting to hear the evidence. It’s unconscionable, and he’s doing it as an operative of the Bush-Cheney contingent of the Republican Party. It’s obvious, isn’t it?


Joe Biden and Mike Pence took classified documents as Vice Presidents. Bill Clinton had classified documents in his sock drawer. The Supreme Court already stated that Presidents can declassify documents and take them with them. DJT wanted them for his memoir.

Lawyers will disagree with these points, but for Barr to say he unequivocally has the truth is a lie.

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