Jim Sciutto Off The Air to Address a “Personal Situation”


Long time CNN news anchor Jim Sciutto has been absent from the air after it was revealed the network told him to address “personal situation.” The network is tying it to a “serious fall” he suffered, but he has recovered from the fall.

Sciutto was the subject of an internal investigation within CNN earlier this year related to a “serious fall’” he suffered while in Amsterdam.

The Newsroom host was on his way home from reporting in Ukraine when he stopped off in the Dutch capital with a producer. The producer is unnamed.

Sciutto, who worked in the Obama administration as chief of staff and senior advisor to US Ambassador to China Gary Locke, was in the Dutch capital with a so far unidentified producer. Sciutto was returning from a spell reporting in Ukraine when the incident occurred. He has since recovered from the fall.

The Daily Beast’s Confider reported Monday that Sciutto traveled through the Netherlands with a producer despite CNN offering direct flights home from Poland.

Confider also reported his fall was followed by an internal investigation at CNN:

[Sciutto] was the subject of a CNN internal investigation earlier this year, Confider has learned, after he had a serious fall in Amsterdam enroute home from a reporting trip to the Ukraine. Despite colleagues taking direct flights home from Poland, Sciutto and his producer made a stopover in the Dutch capital where the accident occurred. We hear Sciutto has since recovered from the incident but has been directed by CNN to address a “personal situation.” Sciutto and CNN did not respond to requests for comment.

The article goes on to say: “We hear Sciutto has since recovered from the incident.” The report links his current absence to the Amsterdam trip. It sounds like he recovered from the fall but not the trip with the unnamed producer.

Sciutto has survived unscathed following the recent shake-ups at the network under the tenure of new President Chris Licht, which seem minimal so far. He’s now on leave to clear up his “personal situation.”

Sciutto has been married to former ABC News reporter Gloria Riviera since 2006. The couple have  three children.

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