Joe Biden Breaks the Law Every Day


The President of the United States is violating the law day in and day out but it’s questionable that he even knows what he is doing. The people behind the curtain know they are doing it but they are doing it without any accountability. Half the nation cheers this abuse of the law.

The breach of the border is a violation of the Constitution, but what the AG is doing is suing Georgia, pretending their law discriminates. He is suing Texas because they don’t like their abortion law. They are imposing themselves in a case that is working its way to the Supreme Court. Biden doesn’t like the law. We have the most radical abortion law in the world.

When it comes to the J6 people under arrest. Now that we have more videos, we can see that the overwhelming majority of people were just walking around. Yet, this Attorney General persecutes them, and not the rioters of the left.

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