Joe Biden starts to lift Iran sanctions


Joe Biden is continuing to ease sanctions on Iran despite the recent attacks on Israel by its terror proxies. On Thursday, the U.S. Treasury lifted sanctions on five individuals linked to the Ayatollah regime’s oil sector and illegal energy exports.

Biden’s State Department petitioned to remove three of those individuals from the Treasury’s sanctions list. The Biden administration said the move was made in efforts to demonstrate “our commitment to lifting sanctions in the event of a change in status or behavior by sanctioned persons.”

What behavioral change, you ask? The men are temporarily not in their previous positions. Or they simply changed their job titles.

The newly unsanctioned Iranians illegally export oil through Hong Kong in violation of United Nations resolutions.

There’s more to come, the Biden administration promises. Biden will lift all the sanctions for a deal that allows Iran to get the bomb over the next few years while they develop nuclear missiles now.

We’re back to the Obama love for China, Russia, and Iran.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted the move saying Biden is giving unilateral concessions to the Ayatollahs to restore the failed nuclear deal.


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