EU calls for the CCP-compromised WHO to probe origins of COV-19


The EU is joining the latest calls by the U.S. and Australia for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

On Friday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that it’s necessary for the World Health Organization to launch an independent and impartial probe.

In other words, she’s calling on the same organization that covered for China the first time to do the investigation. And she’s calling it “independent and impartial.”

She’s another photo-op clown.

Leyen argued that in order to draw the right lessons and develop the right tools so that a pandemic of this nature never happens again, the origins of COVID-19 must be uncovered.

Head of the European Council, Charles Michel supported von der Leyen’s call for an investigation and said, “the world has the right to know exactly what happened in order to be able to learn the lessons.”

Then get a new investigator. The WHO is infiltrated by and tied tightly to the CCP.

Von der Leyen stressed investigators need complete access to the Wuhan lab and other locations in China to determine where the virus came from.

China refused once again.

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