Joe Rogan Discusses Groomer Teachers


Joe Rogan and James Lindsey introduced the new threat to education to his audience — ‘groomer teachers’. He stressed their arrogance and indoctrination as they mock and taunt parents.

Here’s one:

And another:

And more:

And this one:

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All That Jazz
All That Jazz
6 months ago

@ GG,

Mother was a teacher from 1970-1987 with an antiques shop on the weekend and a pub/restaurant for after the 9 to 5 gig but this was before the best government that the banksters can buy went into the business of redistribution.
Isn’t it interesting how the Hate America curriculum took off after the Department Of Education began in October 1979.
At least we got to enjoy a very high standard of living during the Reagan years and I am thankful.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing
6 months ago

Late night radio reported that the term build it back better is memory holed.
These Long March SPECTRE maggots should have stayed in the shadows.
Most of the top leaders are octogenarian and now you know why they must move quickly.
They want the global soviet before shuffling off to see Karl and Satan.

6 months ago

More and More, I find Teachers to be dumb as dirt. They have never had a real job and lack life experience. How can they teach children what it is to be a grown up when they haven’t grown up. We shouldn’t hire anyone to be a teacher without at least 10 years of experience working in the real world outside of Government and Academia, preferably 20 years. Almost any Senior with private sector experience is far better qualified to teach Grammar School children than so called certified and qualified teachers under the age of 40.

All Your Children Are Belong To Us
All Your Children Are Belong To Us
6 months ago

AKA Long Marchers.
If you don’t have any body autonomy why would you be allowed to have any input into your children as part of the burn it all down better plan.