Fiona Hill Says We’re Already in World War III


Politicians and their EU compatriots in the New World Order keep warning of World War III. The question then arises, are they looking for war? Fiona Hill, a Trump impeachment witness, says we are in World War III. She isn’t the first to say it, and probably not the last.

The 24/7 news cycle is dedicated to war.

Remember when they said Donald Trump would start World War III? This is a Democrat administration and we keep hearing the drumbeats of war. RINOs have joined them, calling for a no-fly zone. That would be an act of war requiring the shooting down of Russian planes.

Ukrainian President Zelensky brought a Welt reporter to tears with a speech he gave on Saturday via video link. The impassioned speech brought the EU members to their feet in an emotional ovation.

The war and the horrors of the invasion are emotional but we must not go to war with Russia over Ukraine. Out leaders are colossal failures and we are deeply in debt, dangerously in debt.

The German Welt translator could barely contain tears during President Zelensky’s speech on live TV Saturday evening. The 27 EU Nations were connected by video link. He pleaded for weapons and for Russia to lose its voice in the UN.

Talk of World War III

Warmongering former Pres. George W. Bush condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine, called it the “gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II.”

“We cannot tolerate the authoritarian bullying and danger that Putin poses.”

He needs to stop talking.

Fiona Hill said we are in World War III in a recent interview for Politico.

Politico reporter Maura Reynalds reached out to Hill for a piece on Russian President Putin. She called Hill “one of America’s most clear-eyed Russia experts,” with a “reputation for truth-telling, earned when she testified during impeachment hearings for her former boss, President Donald Trump.”

When Reynalds asked Hill whether we are on the brink of World War III, Hill said “We are already in it.” Those words were widely quoted on social media in a grand escalation of the Ukraine-Russia War. In the same interview, Hill also insisted Putin would use nuclear weapons.

The British-American foreign affairs specialist and academic testified against then-President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial. Hill was a star witness in the now-debunked Russia collusion hoax. She was a key link between Christopher Steele and his primary source for his dossier on Donald Trump, Igor Danchenko. Hill claimed she didn’t know Steele wrote the dossier.

Part of her testimony included reports of unsubstantiated stories about the dossier, not even knowing it was written by her comrade Christopher Steele.

Hill wrote two books with Clifford Gaddy, her colleague at Brookings Institute and a former Lyndon LaRouche lieutenant. Gaddy ran the bizarre LaRouche operations in Sweden. He is conspiratorial against Russian President Putin.

She’s the academic who, along with Axios, tried to pin Crimea on Donald Trump, despite it happening on do-nothing Barack Obama.’s watch.



Emotional Ukrainians say World War III has started.


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5 months ago

why isnt that witch in prison?

5 months ago

World War III started two years ago when China developed and intentionally spread covid to the west.

5 months ago

World Wars officially start when France surrenders to Germany. We will only have a World War if the World is stupid enough to join in against Russia. Asia doesn’t really have a dog in this fight. North and South America shouldn’t either. This War is the Russians taking on the Old Money European Families who created the World Economic Forum (WEF). Ukraine has been a base of WEF operations where politicians around the world are bought off and blackmailed. It is also a “hideout” for the Russian Mafia and the Oligarchs. Once Russia gets control of Ukraine, the WEF Globalist will be neutered. What world Politicians are scared of is Putin will gain access to the records of who is being paid off and blackmailed. We already know Traitor Joe and Hillary are bought off by these people. Information will destroy the WEF Globalist. The World will be a better place if Putin marches to Davos and burns the city to the Ground. This conflict is really little more than a “Police Action” to bring the corrupt Oligarchs bent on World Domination to Justice. Politicians around the world are upset because their bribe money is not only going to late, but cut off.

The Russian Dossier Hoax was created to try and take down both Trump and Putin; they couldn’t be bought off by the WEF Oligarchy. President Trump was an America First President, Putin was a Russia First President. Oligarchs think money can buy anyone off, but there are a few Leaders in the world who can’t be bought off. In America we simply don’t make enough use of our Monopoly and Anti-Trust Laws which results in corrupt corporations. We need to stop Corporations from donating to political campaigns and hiring lobbyist. Oligarchies around the World need to be crushed. If you want to know how Oligarchies operate, just watch the TV Series Dallas. We know about this people and how they operated over 40 years ago, but didn’t pay attention.

I found it funny talking to a Russian on holiday maybe 20 years ago, that Dallas was shown in the USSR. The government thought it highlighted the decadence of the West. The thing is the people of the USSR looked around and saw the same thing in their Government. He thought the TV Series Dallas went a long way to helping with the fall of the USSR. Today Russia is becoming more Capitalist while America is flirting with Communism. Now we know where all the hard core Communist went after the fall of the USSR 30 years ago; they came to America. We took in Tens of Thousands of USSR Refugees every year during the 1990s. I suspect most were hard core Communist Academics, but can’t find any solid numbers.

Once Russia gets the WEF Oligarchy under control, America needs to get the Communist Chinese under control.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

The corrupt and dangerous globalist/Intel/NATO war enthusiasts were very disappointed because in 2016 Hillary lost. She advocated the WW3 creating no fly zone on Syria, as if we could block Russia from flying over their ally. Intel had spent years destabilizing Syria and all was lost.

They spent 4 years trying to have a coup against Trump. All hands were on deck. They completed the coup in January 2021 and have lept forward into creating war in Ukraine. Now they have a big challenge, to figure out how to get the USA/NATO directly involved in the conflict in a way which the public will support. Anyhow they intend to milk the situation in every way they can in preparation for November. They have Faux and Newsmax totally behind them now.

5 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The change at Newsmax has been quite abrupt. It appears that Newsmax has gone anti-Trump in less than a year. Why?

We Need A Montage
We Need A Montage
5 months ago

The kabuki theater of Clown World where trained seals clap and cry on command.
They feel the pain of Ukraine but couldn’t point it out on a map two weeks ago.
Onward to Keev and don’t be a shirker, comrade, pour out your vodka for the collective unity.
Forward…to the global soviet by any means necessary.