Joe Rogan Might Be Up Against Big Pharma and Corrupt Corporations


As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Joe Rogan and Spotify, which has an exclusive deal to his podcasts, are under intense pressure from some old hippies. Neil Young, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, Joni Mitchell, and a few others are removing their music from Spotify over Joe Rogan allegedly relaying misinformation about COVID and vaccines.

They are referring to two interviews he conducted with prominent doctors that went against the approved government narrative.

Rogan went onto Instagram to explain that he likes to hear different viewpoints. He also reviewed their credentials which are very impressive.

However, the Left has decided to cancel him and they keep pushing. The White House wants him censored more. This is a full scale war on the 1st Amendment.

There might be more going on behind the scenes according to Saagar Enjeti, a Washington correspondent at The Hill. He said investment firms who own the music catalogs — and who also have ties to pharmaceutical companies — may be calling the shots.

In a video posted Jan. 31 on YouTube, Enjeti said there is more than meets the eye when it comes to musicians like Young pulling their catalogs from Spotify.

“The original impetus for Neil Young’s demand was a letter he posted on social media saying Spotify could either have Neil Young or Joe Rogan, but that letter was almost immediately deleted after it was posted,” Enjeti said.

“Who is demanding this? Enjeti asked. “Is it Neil Young or is it the people who own his music?”

Enjeti explained:

“You see a recent trend in the music business it that iconic artists such a Neil Young sell their catalogs to big-money groups who then reap the profits in perpetuity. Young actually sold his catalog in Jan. 2021 to a company called Hipgnosis. Now Hipgnosis is a $1 billion company that recently announced an ownership agreement with Blackstone.”

Enjeti said Blackstone is focused on taking over single-family housing and turning America into a nation of renters, but it also has interests everywhere.

“Blackstone, BlackRock and these big private equity giants are ruthless in their pursuit of profits and they’re savvy political players who know how to play the game,” Enjeti said. “They have all sorts of ties to the pharmaceutical industry, including announcing the former CEO and chairman of Pfizer would be joining Blackstone as a senior advisor.”

“Do you really think it’s a coincidence that days after Neil Young’s music was pulled off of Spotify he debuts a 4-month free trial to any person who wants to sign up for Amazon music — who has struggled to gain market share and has long-standing connections with all of the big money people in the game?” Enjeti asked.

“Open your eyes to see possibilities you may not have imagined,” Enjeti said. “At first it was simple, just Neil Young taking a stand.”

Now a lot of people with big money and a big agenda who would just so happen to profit if Rogan went down are speaking out, Enjeti added. “Joni Mitchell has come out and said she is going to stand in solidarity with Neil Young.”

Mitchell on Sept. 13, 2021, struck a publishing deal with Reservoir Media, Inc. (RMI). The top 10 owners of RMI are large private equity and investment firms.

Lofgren, who on Jan. 30 announced he was joining fellow musicians Mitchell and Young in their Spotify boycott, also does not own his music catalog.

Lofgren’s catalog was purchased on Dec. 16, 2021, by Sony Entertainment. The top 10 owners of Sony Group Corp. are large investment firms.

Enjeti said:

“You give into the mob, you give them an inch, they will keep coming. Will Spotify really be able to withstand up to the pressure? Who knows? Principles are not going to save you in this instance. Only money will.”

Enjeti said people better hold on to their seats and “hope that Joe prevails on this one,” as he is up against more powerful interests than many realize.

Spotify made a big concession. They are going to put warning labels on COV podcasts but we don’t know who will decide what is misinformation or not. We can guess.

Transcript via The Defender 

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Dehyrdrated Water Just Add Water
Dehyrdrated Water Just Add Water
1 year ago

O/T-Read that Ontario government lost $42 million selling cannabis [weed] during 2019-2020.
The magic man made god that failed couldn’t operate a water oasis in the desert without screwing it up.
Fidel Trudeau should grow his hair out and do a man bun for gut busting laughs!

Burning Road by Fu Manchu
Burning Road by Fu Manchu
1 year ago

Does anyone under 45 even know about those ancient fossils?
Too bad Napster isn’t around (?) you would think relics would love all the attention. (Hmm)
We are all up against the forces of evil with Big Pharm and other crony capitalists just being one of the tentacles of EVIL.

1 year ago

Some of these late 1960s, early 1970s artist wrote good music related to the hippie movement. They are still Communist and their music is irrelevant today because hippies are in the past and won’t be back.