John Kerry Claims Everyone Wanted Shokin Fired for Corruption


The video below shows John Kerry claiming that from Obama on down, they wanted Shokin fired. He had to go.

Kerry is lying and covering for Joe Biden.

Before Shokin was fired, Kerry commended Shokin. That was right before he knew Hunter and Joe Biden wanted Shokin fired.

John Kerry Complimented Prosecutor Shokin Six Months Before for the Very Thing He Was Fired For

In June 2015, Victoria Nuland sent a letter for then-Secretary of State John Kerry commending Shokin’s office on its corruption reforms. These people sell their souls for the Bidens and their ideology.

A September memo in that same year endorsed Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts and extended the offer of one billion dollars in loan guarantees.

They extended an invitation to the top-tier officials from Shokin’s office to visit Washington in January 2016 for further talks.

When they got to the White House for the visit, a memo made clear the tide had turned for Viktor Shokin.

Go Deeper

According to memos obtained by Just The News and the Southeastern Legal Foundation under a Freedom of Information Act, they found that senior State Department officials were nothing but positive for months.

In a letter dated June 9, 2015, then-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland wrote, “We have been impressed with the ambitious reform and anti-corruption agenda of your government” in a letter that was delivered to the prosecutor two days later.

Nuland wrote that “Secretary Kerry asked me to reply on his behalf” to let Shokin know “he enjoyed the full support of the United States as he set out to fight endemic corruption in the former Soviet republic,” Just The News wrote.

“The ongoing reform of your office, law enforcement, and the judiciary will enable you to investigate and prosecute corruption and other crimes in an effective, fair, and transparent manner,” Nuland added. “The United States fully supports your government’s efforts to fight corruption and other crimes in an effective, fair, and transparent manner.”

That was six months before the Biden administration began pressuring Ukraine to fire prosecutor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, where Hunter Biden and his friend Devon Archer held board seats.

“Nuland’s memo was sent about six months before The New York Times in December 2015 reported that Hunter Biden’s role as a board member and consultant to Burisma Holdings ‘undermined’ US anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine because Shokin’s office had an ongoing corruption investigation into that Ukraine gas company,” Just The News wrote.

Then-vice president Biden succeeded in getting Shokin fired in March 2016.

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