Marion County Record Releases Video of 98-Year-Old Mother Confronting Police


Watch the 98-year-old mother of the editor of The Marion County Record confront the police who raided her home. This lady died the next day. Her son said she was so stressed and frightened she couldn’t sleep. One thing she definitely had was courage.

The police didn’t seem abusive, but the people who sent them there appear to have been out of line. There is no reported adequate reason for them to have raided the home, taking all the devices. They also went to the Record’s offices and took every device there.

The warrant was ridiculously broad. They grabbed everything, and when they went to the home of the editor’s mother, they had her so terrified she had a heart attack the next day and died.

Judges, prosecutors, and some law enforcement are totally out of control. The editor’s mother had nothing to do with the workings of the paper.

This raid seems to have come about over a woman who thinks her husband let the paper know that she had a DUI in 2008. That’s it. Her DUI is public knowledge.

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