John Kerry Tells the Pope “Mother Earth” Is the “Heart of Morality”


Pope Francis received John Kerry in a private audience at the Vatican Monday where they discussed, what else – climate change.

Kerry praised the pontiff for his leadership on climate change. He indicated that fighting global warming is a key element of Christian morality.

We now have John Kerry as our moral arbiter.

“I think it’s important for religious leaders to be engaged on this issue because it goes to the heart of morality, of individual responsibility for others and for mother earth,” Kerry, a Catholic, asserted. “It has a lot to do with the scriptures of one religion or another.”

“Creation, care, is very much a live theory of Christian and other responsibility, so I don’t think you can fulfill your obligations without taking care of the planet into consideration,” he said.

This is a man who flies around in private jets, tools around in his yacht and owns several mansions.

Pope Francis believes human actions are primarily at the core of climate change. [And before man? The climate still changed.]

“Hence there is also a need for adequate responses aimed at protecting the health of the planet and its inhabitants, a health put at risk by all those human activities that employ fossil fuels and deforest the planet,” he said.

The Pope apparently wants to get rid of fossil fuels. So many more people will die without cheap energy.

As for Kerry, there’s something seriously wrong with him. His illogical thinking and overall stupidity are beyond belief.

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