British PM Did It Now! He Said Women Can’t Have Penises


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has crazy ideas about climate, but, at least secretly, he knows women can’t have penises. He was caught on tape humorously mentioning it to a group of conservatives at the Conservative 1922 Committee.

Pink News, an LGBTQ++++ outlet that jumped on the trans crazy train, shared the video, claiming he was “mocking trans women.” Sunak was mocking the opponent.

“His spectacular misjudgment and why he’s completely unfit to lead our country,” Sunak said in the video clip.

“Over the same period of time, you might have noticed Ed Davey has been very busy,” Sunak said.

As people laughed, he said, “Like me, you can probably see that he was trying to convince everybody that women clearly had penises.”

“You’ll all know that I’m a big fan of everybody studying maths to 18, but it turns out that we need to focus on biology.”


Sunak was undoubtedly talking about Labour leader Keir Starmer, who appeared on LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast radio show in May. Davey told Ferrari and the audience that women can “quite clearly” have a penis.

Sunak’s statement was accurate, but trans women, aka men, accused him of “demeaning” trans women. That is a political ploy, not a defense of trans people. Imagine a world where stating a biological fact is “demeaning.” Get a grip, people.

When telling the truth is “bullying.”

A national charity called Gendered Intelligence issued a statement. They claimed Sunak’s joke is “bullying and corruption” — like his government.

“It’s no surprise to us that a government known for bullying and corruption would demean its own people behind closed doors,” the charity said.

“It’s clear that they don’t care – not just about trans people but about any of the UK public.”

The only clear things are women can’t have penises, and the Trans crazy train is bullying people to believe the impossible. It should help Sunak since most people know women are women and men are men.

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