John Kirby and KJP Are Fighting Over the Podium


John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre are battling over the White House podium, but KJP, as awful as she is at the job,  doesn’t want to give it up. Since October, they’ve been sharing the podium, but she still picks the reporters that Kirby is allowed to answer, which causes tension.

Axios reports:

  • Kirby — a Biden favorite who has become the public face of the administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas war — has told people he’d like to be White House press secretary one day.
  • Jean-Pierre has told people she plans to stay in the job through the election and beyond if Biden wants her — and that he has asked her not to leave.
  • A White House official told Axios that Kirby never volunteers that he would like to be press secretary.
  • Jean-Pierre and Kirby have split the podium in the White House pressroom more frequently since the Israel-Hamas war began in October — aggravating tensions that began in the spring of 2022, when Jen Psaki departed as press secretary, current and former Biden officials said.

It won’t matter. They’re both liars; Kirby is just better at it.

Meanwhile, Simon Ateba knew it from the start.

Fox discusses how this happened in the first place. It’s hard to listen to Fox these days. They kept calling Kirby an effective communicator. He’s such a nice guy.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Former admiral Kirby is the type of person who runs our military.

It is hard to believe that people like him would actually protect the USA.