Jonathan Turley Hammers KJP for Refusing to Answer Questions about Docu-Gate


On Friday, constitutional legal expert Jonathan Turley torched White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for refusing to answer basic questions about the Biden document scandal. This is the least transparent administration in our lifetime.

Also on Friday, White House reporters continued to grill Karine Jean-Pierre about the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s garage.

CBS were the first to break story of the classified documents stored at Penn Biden Center through a leak. The Biden White House never said a word. Then a second batch were found in Biden’s garage, one that Hunter could access.

It is a mystery as to why the media is finally reporting this, but they did.

Here she is lying about the border:

Jonathan Turley weighed in on the scandal about the documents on Twitter. He said Karine Jean-Pierre is dodging questions to protect Biden, not the integrity of the DOJ’s investigation.

“It is increasingly painful to watch Karine Jean-Pierre as she argues that they have been “transparent” by being transparently unwilling to answer any questions…” Turley said.

..Nothing prevents the White House from answering basic questions about the scandal. It will not undermine the Justice Department for the White House to confirm the President’s position and recollection. The silence protects the President not the investigation…

…The White House has already stated that the documents were inadvertently removed but refuses to answer questions on the basis or meaning of that defense…

…I can understand the desire of a criminal defense attorney for Biden to remain silent. However, the refusal to answer basic questions is not to protect the “independence of the Justice Department” or the investigation. It is meant to protect the President as an individual.

It’s a waste of time listening to her.

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