Juan Lies on Air, Sweet Martha MacCallum & Rove Blow Up


Former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for politicizing the State of the Union by disinviting the President, calling it “absolutely irresponsible.”

It was also petty, vicious politics. With Democrats, it’s politics all the time until you do it their way.

Juan Williams got away with saying neither side will compromise and the President is “intransigent.” That’s a lie. The President has already offered numerous compromises, even offering a fence over a wall.

The Democrats won’t meet with the President to discuss building a wall/fence/barrier because it is one way to keep him from getting re-elected. Juan Williams said neither side will compromise which is not true. He lied.

Juan brought up the last Oval Office meeting with Nancy and Chuck. The truth is that the President offered to open the government if Nancy would agree to the wall afterward to which she said, ‘no.’ Before that Pelosi and Schumer said, they wouldn’t negotiate on the wall until the government was open. Juan’s take on that is the President wants to prejudge it. That’s yet another lie.

Juan has a remarkably stupid way of twisting reality. That was when Martha MacCallum blew.


“They’ve already said they would agree to building a border fence. They’ve said it for the past eight years,” MacCallum yelled, leaning forward into Juan as he continued to twist reality.

“Oh, what difference does it make what it’s called, Juan?” she loudly implored the leftist.

Williams diverted, and replied that he wanted “border security” and “a legal asylum process.”

[We have a legal asylum process that the leftists want to break. That is what the caravans are all about. They are claiming they want asylum, so they get into the country and then released. As for border security, he refuses to explain how we do that without a wall or fence.]

“You’re hung up on whether or not the thing is called a wall,” MacCallum said as if she was begging him to be rational.

“No no no,” Williams shot back. “He wants a wall that is ineffective and inefficient.”

Rove and Williams then argued about the effectiveness of walls after Rove interjected.

Juan at one point said Trump’s proposal asked for a “sea to shining sea” wall. Juan knows that’s a lie, but Rove took him at face value.

“Juan, I hate to have to correct you, but read the goddang bill!” Rove suggested.

Then Juan went with the latest popular accusation that Rush and Coulter run the government, except he added his colleague Sean Hannity.

“You should go listen to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter because they’re running this government!” Williams exclaimed in response.

“No, they are not! That is not what the president proposed,” MacCallum shot back.

Juan has all the dishonest talking points down pat. They just lie, and lie, and lie.


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