Judge Engoron’s TDS-Afflicted Wife Regularly Flips Out on X – Update with a Firm Denial


Update: Judge Engoron’s wife Dawn Marie has issued a firm denial. She said she does not have an account on X. Newsweek had contacted her, and she said the account is not hers.

However, Laura Loomer has not conceded:


Laura Loomer believes she has located the angry anti-Trump X posts by Judge Engoron’s wife, Dawn Marie Engoron. Dawn was on X as late as yesterday, posting anti-Trump, ‘he’s guilty’ comments, Loomer said. She’s been trashing the former president and his lawyer.

Laura Loomer allegedly uncovered her account @dm_sminxs and posted some of the tweets.

If Dawn’s husband doesn’t find Donald Trump guilty, his wife will probably divorce him. Can you imagine their conversations at home?

Dawn Marie Engoron, linked in photo – strange photos to use as a professional photo.

Dawn Marie has protected her posts today.

According to the rules of the Chief Administrative Judge of the New York State Unified Court System, judges must “not allow family, social, political or other relationships to influence the[ir] … judicial conduct or judgment.”

Dawn Marie is a psychotherapist and is  Arthur Engoron’s third wife. He has four children, two by Dawn Marie.

This is all uncomfirmed:

Judge Arthur Engoron
That’s not all. She seems to have found unprofessional conduct by Arthur Engoron.

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