Judge Napolitano: Obama Admin Has Been Unmasking for Years


James Clapper might have changed the unmasking rules to allow for political spying, which is a felony. Apparently, the unmasking has been going on for years and the timelines suggest such a scenario.

Lou Dobbs introduced the problem at the beginning of Thursday’s interview with Judge Napolitano: “Obama administration efforts to unmask took place long before Donald Trump began running for President.”

According to John Solomon reporting in ‘The Hill”, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “revised government rules back in 2013″, Solomon reported.

“Clapper made it easier for the executive branch to unmask names of lawmakers or congressional staffers caught up in intelligence intercepts overseas,” according to the report.

The current DNI Dan Coats said during a press conference with Jeff Sessions Friday that all of these changed rules are being investigated.

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the changing of the unmasking rules may have been done for political purposes, not for national security, which, if it can be proven, is a felony.

Another rule change initiated by Loretta Lynch at Obama’s request also broadened the distribution of unmasked information.

Napolitano is frustrated, as is Lou Dobbs, that transcripts of Michael Flynn’s conversations were released to the media within days of the President’s election.

“There has been no repercussion, no effort at accountability whatsoever against the Obama administration, no investigation, not by a sitting Republican Attorney General,” Dobbs said, “not by a Republican led House of Representatives and its respective committees, or the Senate.”

The judge appears to agree but sounds more hopeful.

“I hope that you and I are wrong. I hope that Jeff Sessions ordered the FBI on day one in office to commence an investigation and they’re following a rule,” Napolitano said, “which Jim Comey didn’t follow, you don’t reveal the existence of an investigation until you indict somebody. If they are, they’re going to go very, very, very high up the totem pole in the Obama administration.”

Dobbs doesn’t hold out much hope. “Like you, I want to believe your scenario above all. But I think also like you I’m highly skeptical and at this point we have an Attorney General who should be making noise and be holding to account people in that administration who have attacked and tried to subvert this administration. It should be public, it should be as energetic as any investigation in the country’s history.”

The judge said, “I know that these investigations take time but we’re now in the seventh month. I would hope that its well on its way.”

Dobbs: “But overwhelmingly, frustratingly, this administration does not act. The previous administration is getting away with it. And what is more troubling, I think, to most Americans, we’re talking about over twelve months investigating President Trump and the Russians, without a scintilla of evidence, to repeat. Meanwhile, why would it take twelve months? Why in the world are we wasting taxpayer money and the resources of the FBI? And if they are this clumsy, this inartful, this unproductive that they can’t turn an investigation within a year they ought to all be fired.”

Napolitano sees the new FBI Director Christopher Wray as another swamp critter. Trump keeps saddling himself with them.

Dobbs says, “This is America. We don’t take the word of some functionary bureaucrat, because that’s what they are, they’re not Sherlock Holmes, this is nothing too impressive in the way of the leadership of the FBI. It’s rancid, it’s ineffective and they should all, as I said be replaced, the management of the FBI.”

The optics aren’t always the best for some of us who only see Trump investigated and the only leaks are the ones that negatively affect the President.

Napolitano asks if Dobbs thinks Sessions got the message in the last two weeks. Dobbs replies, “I would hope so but what the hell’s he doing in Guantanamo Bay? What the hell is he doing in El Salvador? What kind of game is he playing?”



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6 years ago

The Judge has given this optimistic view before. He is always wrong. It keeps people watching though. Tune in for the next episode of the Judge predicting something good will happen. As with the Comey story, the Judge predicted prosecution of Hillary, but probably knew all about Comey’s background, so should not have believed his own prediction.

6 years ago

It has already been revealed that the National Security apparatus logs these phone calls and creates those transcripts and obviously stores them somewhere, possibly on that Cloud.

Furthermore, it was also reported recently that Coats himself reissued the directive to continue the Clapper 2013 directive.