Julian Assange Warns of a Coup to Replace Donald Trump


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims that intelligence community close to Pence are planning to oust Trump to make way for a President Pence. Assange didn’t say if Pence is in on it. In all likelihood, he isn’t – if this is true – it’s not his style. Clinton is allegedly pushing for a Pence takeover because she sees him as predictable and beatable.

Anything Assange says does have to be taken in the context that he is a man of the left and many view him as a traitor.

None of that would be surprising. Donald Trump wants to end mass migration, reduce regulations and taxes, end Obamacare, all of which puts him at odds with the Obama administration which is running an alternative administration from Kalorama, D.C. There are reports that Valerie Jarrett has moved in to the Obama mansion.

HuffPo’s political editor Stein reported that Obama has an office in the West End that serves as a base operations for more than a dozen of his staff who follow the movements of Donald Trump.

Embarrassing leaks from intelligence sources, illegal leaks, involving phone transcripts and private meetings have been almost daily. There are reports of a FISA warrant issued for surveillance of a server in Trump Tower in October. It obviously could sweep up Trump communications.

Numerous political appointments from the prior administration have been converted into career positions. They are now embedded in key government agencies.

Obama’s Organizing for America has taken a lead along with other groups. Obama is tied to leftist movements including MoveOn, Indivisibles, and others, causing chaos and violence in Republican town halls, on the streets, and in the halls of Congress. He even controls the remnants of the Democratic National Convention under Tom Perez.

Every person close to Trump is subjected to vilification. Every cabinet member is beaten down. Democrats are even willing to shut down the government to keep Trump from fulfilling his promises to the electorate.

In the end, this isn’t simply about taking back Congress, Obama plans to run the government.

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6 years ago

They are desperate due to their criminal liabilities. They would try any scheme to remove Trump. They way they are treating Trump, it will not be long before his DOJ acts.