Juror Selection in President Trump’s Trial Is a Joke


Juror selection and a contempt motion in the Trump show trial took center stage in Day 2.

New York prosecutors have informed a judge in a contempt motion that former President Donald Trump is not above the law. They should have mentioned that Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and most Democrats in general are above the law.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a motion to hold Donald Trump in contempt for alleged violations of his partial gag order and urged the court to warn Trump that he could be jailed for 30 days if he violates the order again.

That’s where they are headed. They want to jail him to humiliate him and keep him from campaigning. If they feel they can’t imprison him, they will make him look as bad as possible.

Donald Trump allegedly made a comment that a hostile juror could hear, so Judge Merchan threatened Donald Trump.

The juror claimed she held no bias against Donald Trump, but her social media posts proved she did. Judge Merchan was angry at Donald Trump for “muttering” a comment but was not angry with the potential juror for lying.

The juror selection is a joke. As the jurors come in and lie about being unbiased, Trump’s team looks up their social media posts.

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba said that Biden campaign staffers were on the jury in the E. Jean Carroll trial.

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