Just 1 Stunning Example of Hunter’s Whiter Than White Biden Privilege


Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been out shilling a book.  Biden the younger is supposedly chronicling his battle against addiction.

Hunter spends a great deal of time sensationalizing his use of drugs and prostitutes while sanitizing all those big pay-days he got from foreign governments.  The “First Son” had no effective explanation as to how he could possibly earn all those millions of dollars while searching for a crack in the crevices of a rug.

There must be an awful lot of people of little financial means and NO political connections, many of them minorities, sitting behind bars for doing maybe just a couple of things Hunter’s bragging about.

This brings us to Hunter’s purchase of a handgun.  The application shows he claimed to have no involvement with the kinds of drugs he boasts about using in his “memoir”.

What kind of prison time could the latter offense earn someone other than a whiter than white privileged Biden?  Ask Black Rapper, Kodak Black. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal weapons charges in 2019, after lying on the form to buy firearms.

So maybe Hunter’s Father should highlight his war against white privilege by making an example of Hunter.


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