Warning graphic video of Daunte Wright shooting – ‘accidental?’


The Brooklyn Center Minnesota police released the bodycam footage of the Daunte Wright shooting by a female police officer. It has been labeled an ‘accidental discharge.’

Briefly, the following is what took place. Police stopped his car for a traffic violation and then saw there was a warrant for his arrest. As they were handcuffing him outside his car, he resisted arrest and jumped back in the car. At that point, the female police officer came over, calling out ‘taser, taser.’ She then shot once, but it wasn’t with her taser as she thought. It was with her Glock.

He was wounded and took off but the car crashed almost immediately.

The officer said she thought she was shooting her taser.

An analysis by Officer Tatum can be found on this link.

Black Lives Matter has been rioting since the shooting and this footage won’t help calm the situation.


He probably should have been in jail. Why are we passing gun laws when we let people who violate our gun laws right out of jail?

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