JW Discusses Latest Scandal of Comey and Mueller Collusion [Video]


Were James Comey and Robert Mueller colluding, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asks in this next video. Former FBI Director James Comey testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee last year and said he released his confidential memos to get a special prosecutor appointed. He also ran it all by Robert Mueller.

“Reports were that he ran the testimony by the Justice Department and specifically Robert Mueller and it was closely coordinated,” according to Mr. Fitton quoting Fox News.

So Mueller “closely coordinated” with Comey in his “anti-Trump testimony” in which he attacked the President and suggested he committed crimes, Fitton said.

If they did collude, it is a huge scandal.

Judicial Watch cannot get the records. The Justice Department is protecting Comey and Mueller and won’t let the public see the documents.


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