Kaepernick calls for abolishing the ‘white supremacist institution of policing’


Unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is continuing his campaign of trying to get a job through bullying and racial politics.

Kaepernick is a full-fledged Bolshevik.

He said Wednesday, “The white supremacist institution of policing that stole Breonna Taylor’s life from us must be abolished for the safety and well-being of our people. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #AbolishThePolice,” said Kaepernick on Twitter.

Breonna’s car had a dead body in it not too long ago. The body was that of a drug dealer she was tied to. The police questioned her about it.

Miss Taylor appeared to be living in a trap house, accompanied her drug dealer boyfriend on drug pickups, and was accused of holding drug cash.

The night she unfortunately died, her boyfriend shot an officer, then ran and hid, leaving her to catch the spray of bullets. The boyfriend claims the police didn’t announce themselves but a neighbor heard them scream out police and bang on the door three times.

She also bailed out three drug dealers.

This is white supremacist, how?

Colin Kaepernick is a racist and a Marxist. And he’s getting rich from corporations making deals with him. He just made one with Disney — for a docuseries — with the racist Jemele Hill involved. Hill compared the USA to Nazi Germany.

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