Biden on hot mic, getting to the senate 180 years ago, and more


Joe Biden gave a boring, almost incoherent set of remarks to the United States Conference of Mayors over remote connection yesterday. As he was finishing up, someone on the line was laughing as he made his pathetic promise.

“I promise you I’ll have your back,” said Biden. “I mean that sincerely. Look at my record, I have. And I want to make sure that your ideas are the ones that are funneled up. They don’t have to go through a state legislature, go through a governor.”

“They can go straight to the federal government, straight to me,” says Biden. Someone was laughing.

“I really mean it,” Biden continues, as the laughing continues.


Nice of Ruhle to tell him what he’s talking about:

Is he joking or just can’t read a teleprompter. We know he can’t ad lib without the script:

This is actually what Dems do, like Charlottesville, pretending the President said the Nazis were good people:

John who?

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