Kaepernick Wins Prestigious “Inspirational and Courageous Play” Award


Colin Kaepernick was awarded the San Francisco 49er’s “Inspirational Award,” but what in the hell has he done that was inspirational? The team voted to give him this prestigious “inspirational and courageous play” award.

It’s inspirational and courageous to disrespect our flag and national anthem? It’s a disgusting insult to our veterans and current military.

Isn’t it about time the NFL and Roger Goodell stood up against this? As Joe Theismann said about Kaepernick, “he’s 1 and 11, what did he inspire?”

The team is 2 and 14.

Theismann would like the NFL to stand up against this.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the NFL to do anything courageous. They’re like the NCAA. The NCAA won’t go to North Carolina until they allow gender fluid men in women’s bathrooms at the same time they won’t allow gender fluid men to compete as women. Isn’t that hypocritical?

Theismann also has a problem with the socks Kaepernick wore. Kaepernick wore socks with police depicted as pigs.

He also wore a shirt with mass murderer Fidel Castro on it.

Listen to Joe Theismann’s take:


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Mike Wingeier
Mike Wingeier
7 years ago

Oh yeah, another “Paricipation Trophy” for him to put up on Mommy’s mantle. Are you kidding? Is the team management totally daft? Get a job, K-Man!! You are a loser!!