Katie Hobbs Is Terrified of Kari Lake


As RedState reported Saturday, a melodramatic scene unfolded at a town hall event in Arizona. Republican Kari Lake showed up in the audience. Democrat Katie Hobbs freaked out and refused to come out of her green room. Terror took over. Lake left the premises after the event’s organizers asked her to do so.

Hobbs refuses debates with Lake, and she will never be in the same room with her. Many of the organizations hosting these events have given in to her demands.

It would be funny if Hobbs weren’t trying to become governor of Arizona. But she is and this isn’t funny; it makes her pathetic.

By the way, Hobbs hasn’t learned anything from the Hispanic community. But she has a sister-in-law who’s Hispanic and likes to go out with them, she said in her child’s voice.


Katie Hobbs supports abortion to the moment of birth, which means partial-birth “abortion,” which crosses the line to infanticide. Hobbs believes in letting the baby who survives abortion die without any care. She’s the terror.

Hobbs is in hiding and won’t debate Kari Lake. Honestly, she wouldn’t survive it if she did. Hobbs is the very definition of weak.


Meanwhile, Liz Cheney, who hates Donald Trump and conservatives, is bashing Kari Lake under the guise that Lake thinks the election was stolen. In Cheney’s world, wrongthink can get you canceled. Her real problem is she hates conservatives.

Liz is in a state of terror that conservatives might defeat the party RINOs. She was at ASU speaking to the members of the Soros-funded McCain Institute. Meghan McCain vowed that she would see to it that Kari Lake does not get elected.

Cheney warned Arizonans not to vote for Kari Lake and Mark Finchem. “If you care about democracy, and you care about the survival of our republic, then you need to understand … we cannot give power to people who have told us that they will not honor elections.”

That’s the line she’s going with as she tours Arizona.

Melodrama and hyperbole aside, how much does she care about democracy by supporting Democrats who are tearing it all down?

Cheney is turning her irrational hate towards Trump to anyone who agreed with him.

Through her spokesperson, Ross Trumble, Lake knocked Cheney out in two sentences. “Liz Cheney is confused. Auditions for CNN contributors are being held in Washington, not in Arizona. No one here cares what she has to say.”


Gov. Ducey and DC swamp critters are funding dark money PACs against Kari Lake. They are terrified of her, and don’t want anyone who will question their decisions like unfettered immigration.

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1 year ago

Hobbs sounds and acts like a 12 year old, then again, even though they inhabit the bodies of older people, DEMOCRATS, mentally act like 12 year olds. I expect immaturity from a 12 year old. what I don’t expect is petulance and immaturity from someone who is supposedly an adult. Obviously this woman Hobbs is totally unprepared for what she is trying to do, and/or she is totally stupid! Either way, not something you want in a governor. Definitely what I expect from DEMOCRAT women though.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago
Reply to  Kestrel

It is a question of real maturity, isn’t it?
I am reminded of the story of the cheating cheating spouse, who when confronted with the bad behaviour, says. “Grow up! be and adult! get in the “real” world! as they continue to live in a childish fantasy world where absolute selfishness with a lack of real concern for others is considered a “heathy” way of life.”
What was that great powerful voice behind the curtain, again?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Wow. That is melodrama. Hobbs is in far over her head. She is only the nominee because she was a key to the election crimes. She cannot even fake it if asked a simple question. We saw her in 2020 fleeing reporters. She is a caricature. A comedy could be made about her.

Hobbs against Lake is an incredible mismatch.

1 year ago

Between the Internet and Conservative Media, Money alone can no longer win an Election. I do love watching Liberals throwing their money away though.

Trump changed the whole election game. Today you have to go out in public and talk to The People. Trump went out in Public and held giant rallies. That totally neutralized the RINOs who thought they had control of the Republican Party. Without the RINOs in control the Oligarchs had to climb in bed with the Communist Democrats. Democrats can’t go out an talk in public because everything they say are easily provable lies which is why the Elites but their money into stealing the 2020 Election.

Now that the Whole World is watching US Elections. the Crazy Elite Tyrannical Oligarchs don’t know what to do!

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek