McConnell Risks the Senate to Support 33% Republican in Alaska


The race in Alaska is between a barely Republican, Lisa Murkowski, and a real one, Kelly Tshibaka. Lisa Murkowski votes for the Biden agenda 66.7% of the time. That makes her a 33% Republican. Donald Trump responded (see below).

Lisa Murkowski, alleged GOP Senator from Alaska.

Mitch McConnell has decided to spend $9 million to support the barely Republican Lisa Murkowski. Why spend that kind of money in a race between two Republicans? There are other Republicans who have close races who could better use the money, like Blake Masters in Arizona, Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Herschel Walker in Georgia, and Adam Laxalt in Nevada, among others. These positions could return the Senate to Republicans. The Alaska race won’t.

Kelly Tshibaka wants America First in policy-making and bills as opposed to Last.

It’s not ironic that Mitch is doing this. Lisa Murkowski, who is only with Republicans 33% of the time, wanted to convict Donald Trump in a sham, unconstitutional impeachment. She’s handy for Mitch to keep around.


According to Five Thirty Eight, a survey found that 62 percent of Democrats approved of Murkowski, while 23 percent disapproved. By comparison, 41 percent of Republicans approved of her versus 46 percent disapproved (she ran about even among independents). She votes 67% with the Biden agenda. Kelly would be a reliable Republican vote.

As for the fraud allegations, they’re bogus, and Mitch knows it. After they were found to be bogus, she was promoted more than once.

There is no excuse for the vile, dishonest ads Mitch is known to spread around. He is falsely accusing her of fraud and does it out of context. The truth, which Mitch knows, comes from Must Read Alaska dot com.

Kelly Tshibaka, backed by Donald Trump, Mitch’s enemy

Tshibaka’s job in D.C. was to keep federal employees honest, and some of them filed complaints against her in retaliation. Following a full investigation, she was exonerated and subsequently promoted.

McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund are lying to Alaskans. And it’s only early October. We can’t wait to hear what trick McConnell pulls next.

This is McConnell using Republican donor money improperly against a fellow Republican, a complete violation of the Reagan Rule. This is also using Republican money against Alaska itself.


Now, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is trying to use that to destroy Tshibaka’s reputation as a candidate for Senate, even though she is a fellow Republican. Whether she or Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins, it will not change the actual Republican makeup of the Senate.

The Senate Leadership Fund super PAC tied to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell started running television and radio ads accusing Tshibaka of committing fraud while working for the counter-terrorism agency — a serious charge. McConnell is supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who lost the support of the Alaska Republican Party after she voted against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Tshibaka gave Must Read Alaska a copy of the document she says shows the entire matter of the complaint against her for “false time” reporting was looked at and closed. There were no credible claims.

After the complaint was found wanting, Tshibaka was promoted from an adviser to the Inspector General of the National Intelligence Service to a senior adviser to the Inspector General.

The office of the Director of National Intelligence is a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the Intelligence Community. ODNI primarily involves counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and other spy work, including protecting elections from foreign interference. Being the watchdog of the intelligence community is not without its work hazards, especially if a spy is acting contrary to protocols.

While the letter from the chief management officer for the Director of National Intelligence is not conclusive without what is likely privileged employment-related backup documentation, the fact that Tshibaka received promotions after this letter provides substantial support for her claim that the allegations were baseless.

Make your choice Alaska – a 33% Republican who hates the America First agenda or an actual Republican.

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