Karl Rove was stunned by Joe Biden’s latest “crass” fundraising email


Karl Rove blasted Joe Biden for fundraising off the Wuhan Virus, asking “Does he have no shame?” We can answer that — no and never has.

Karl Rove was on ‘Hannity’ last night and ripped into Joe Biden for sending out an email warning Americans about Wuhan Virus and then asking for money.

Hannity talked about Biden, along with his comrades in the Democrat Party, criticizing President Trump even as the virus was only in its early stages. At the time, the President was ordering strict border security measures. He was criticized for that and Bernie called it ‘xenophobic.’

Hannity asked Rove for a reaction after he called Biden “sick.”

Rove brought out his whiteboard and pointed in amazement to the notations from Joe’s email, especially the ‘donate to Joe’ button as he said, “he’s raising money off of it.”

The email read, “This is not the time to be complacent. If you are ready to fight for the soul of the nation, you can start by donating to elect Joe Biden by clicking the button below, donate to Joe Biden.”

Obviously Joe isn’t competent to write or even think of this. His campaign and handlers are doing his thinking, just as they will should he be elected.

Rove said, “The man is raising money off of the coronavirus challenge facing our country. Does he have no shame?”

No, he doesn’t. Corn Pop’s entire life has shown us that.

This is the man who lied and said his first wife and little girl were killed by a drunk driver. In fact, the man driving the truck that killed them was not drinking. His late wife drove into oncoming traffic and caused the crash. She was responsible. He kept that lie up until very recently when the now-deceased truck driver’s children begged him to stop lying.

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