Kate Steinle’s killer might get off on alleged mental incompetence


Jose Zarate, Kate Steinle

A court evaluator has decided that the illegal immigrant acquitted of killing Kate Steinle in 2015 is not mentally competent to stand trial on federal gun charges related to her death.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican national who wasn’t too mentally ill to return to the U.S. illegally five times and commit multiple crimes, will possibly get off on the gun charges. The evaluators have uncovered a “mental illness that is not presently being treated,” according to court documents.

“If neither side disputes the evaluator’s conclusion, the Court wishes to explore … what efforts should be made locally to restore the defendant to competency through proper medication, as opposed to sending the defendant to a federal facility outside California,” court documents dated Friday show.

This is insanity. He murdered a young woman and they don’t want him to pay any price at all.

There will be another hearing to determine the next steps.

A Lot of Taxpayer Dollars Are Going Into Saving This Killer from Minimal Jail Time and Deportation

Garcia Zarate admitted to holding the gun that fired the bullet which took the life of 32-year-old Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier in 2015. He claimed that the gun went off accidentally. The gun had been stolen from the vehicle of a U.S. Bureau of Land Management ranger.  Of course, he claims he didn’t steal it, and, of course, the jury bought the story.

Zarate was acquitted and allowed to go back onto the streets despite the fact that ICE requested a hold on him.

Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder, involuntary manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon but convicted of being a felon in possession of a gun and sentenced to three years in prison.

The conviction was thrown out by a state appeals court last August. Allegedly, jurors received inadequate instructions from the trial judge. Garcia Zarate was then federally charged with gun possession in 2017.

Garcia Zarate’s lawyer has said he will dispute the mental competency decision.

“He is entitled to a hearing. I’m protesting that he is competent enough for this case,” defense attorney Tony Serra said.

Every criminal could be declared mentally ill under the standards these leftists/liberals use. The left especially likes criminal aliens here illegally.

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Terminal Madness Reigns
Terminal Madness Reigns
4 years ago

Such a bizarre case, he said he found the gun and was taking pot shots at aquatic life which is a crime as well in Kalifornia.
The gun was originally stolen from a Bureau of Land Management car that was unsecured. That person needs to be fired but now that the buck been passed around and participation trophy über alles society has taken hold, they are probably still working for BLM.
No coverage besides alt media on www and certain talk radio shows. I first heard of it on the Michael Savage show and you could hear that he was worked up about it.
It is downright insane when a government and true believer kooks put foreigners over their own people.