Hard-left candidate opens a 10-point lead nationally, another radical surges


Democratic Socialist [Communist] Bernie Sanders has opened up a ten-point lead and Michael Bloomberg is surging in the polls.

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is rising quickly in recent national polls, remarkably without ever having been on a debate stage or collecting donors. The old, white, mega-billionaire, whose net worth approaches $60 billion is financing his own campaign. He is seen as ‘moderate,’ although he is not.

A Morning Consult poll released the Friday after New Hampshire found that Bernie Sanders opened up a double-digit lead over Biden and is the “best-positioned candidate” heading into next week’s Nevada caucuses.

The poll had Sanders leading the pack with 29%, Biden at 19%, Bloomberg with 18%, Pete Buttigieg with 11% and Warren rounding out the top 5 with 10% of the vote nationally among Democratic primary voters.

Steyer is still hopeful, claiming “voters don’t have all the facts.”


Warren isn’t done yet. She told The Associated Press on Thursday that she has raised $6 million since the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses. She called the race “wide open.”

“There’s a lot of froth,” she said. “It’s going to be a long process.”

The media refers to everyone who is not Bernie Sanders, a ‘moderate.’ None of them are, and Warren is to the left of Bernie on some issues.

Biden’s poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire have him placing all his bets on the February 29th South Carolina primary, the first race in a state with a significant black population. His campaign is currently in the red.

Nevada is next, and Biden might do okay there.


Klobuchar came up in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and is radical on the First and Second Amendments, abortion, and now, immigration, among other issues.

“The political landscape is littered with people who raised more money than Amy Klobuchar,” said Tom Nides, a former deputy secretary of state and Democratic donor who served as an intern on Capitol Hill with Klobuchar when they were in college. “Her whole campaign strategy has been based on the fact that she’s scrappy. She just grinds it out.”

Far-left Buttigieg sees the Minnesota radical as a target.

During the LULAC forum, he took aim at Klobuchar’s 2018 vote in the Senate to confirm Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, who he criticized for “the horrifying conditions that children were kept in.”

Buttigieg lies on the campaign trail. That isn’t true and recently Biden admitted his administration kept children in cages. In truth, the so-called ‘cages’ are just fences around the facility and have been throughout the Trump administration.

All are attacking Bloomberg to keep him down.


Gallup also released a poll this week surveying “political liabilities” and found that 93% of all Americans would vote for a Jewish president, up from just 63% in 1958. The poll also found that nine in 10 Americans would vote for a black or female candidate for president, while eight in 10 would vote for “candidates who are evangelical Christians or are gays or lesbians.”

That last number is remarkable and shows the success of the media’s and Democrat’s war on Evangelical Christians and Christians in general.

The poll found that “just one group tested – socialists – receives majority opposition. Less than half of Americans, 45%, say they would vote for a socialist for president, while 53% say they would not.”

The problem is Bernie is clearer about what he is, and the others are not. All of the candidates, including Bloomberg, are radicals. We have outlined that truth in numerous articles on this site.

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