Kathy Griffin in ICU with “unbearable symptoms,” blames VP Pence for not testing her – Updated


Update at the end

Kathy Griffin said she is in the hospital and can’t get tested for Coronavirus despite “painfully unbearable symptoms.”

The 59-year-old failed comedian revealed on Twitter Wednesday that she’s been sent to a “COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER” after visiting an urgent care facility. She shared a picture of herself lying in a hospital bed wearing a mask, although it’s unclear when the photo was taken.

Despite experiencing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, Griffin said her attempts to get tested have been unsuccessful.

“The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions,” Griffin added, citing the vice president.

The story is fishy. They wouldn’t put her in an isolation ward without testing her. The liability would be very high.

We hope the attention-grabbing pundit and renowned Trump hater feels better soon. We don’t want to see her suffer. She lost her mother last week and she could be ill from that terrible experience.

There is no such CDC rule. Perhaps she is confused, although she is not confused or in enough pain to keep her from tweeting.

Everyone is finally being tested.

There are reasons to not test her, but she likes to make everything about the Trump administration.


Kathy Griffin was hospitalized for an abdominal infection, treated and released from the hospital the same day. They didn’t give her the test because she doesn’t have the symptoms of the virus. She has the symptoms of an abdominal infection. The photo also might be an old photo.



  1. One time I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas and I blame Mike Pence.
    It has been cloudy and gray most of the time for two weeks and I wish Mike Pence would do something about it.
    Ever notice how the sever TDS people have it boomerang on them with a fury.
    Hmm…so hmm.

  2. Any human being enduring extreme pain and/or life threatening illness could care less about pointing their sickly finger at anybody ! They want to get better or just go to Valhalla.

    Griffen is a despicable human being and a sorry excuse for an American.

  3. Nurses from that hospital are already debunking this story
    Just when u think Griffin couldn’t be more disgusting, she shows up with More attention seeking CRAP

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