Doctor’s one word that destroys NY Times’ demands for a national lockdown


The New York Times is demanding President Trump call for a national lockdown, a one-size-fits-all approach to the Wuhan Chinese Emperor Xi Communist Party Virus from China. They also want him to force companies to make medical supplies when they are already doing so.

Laura Ingraham asked a top infectious disease doctor what he thought about the idea of a national lockdown.

Dr. Steven Smith, founder of the Smith Clinic for Infectious Diseases told Ms. Ingraham that he doesn’t think a national lockdown makes sense. It’s “not enforceable,” he said. The youth are already not listening to the warnings since they’ve been told they’re immune. “We’ll have another prohibition.”

That’s it — prohibition. That’s exactly what it would look like and it wouldn’t work.

We would need another organization led by a Carrie Nation, the saloon smasher.

It’s so simple and so accurate. The New York Times is demanding the President act like a dictator and that just doesn’t work in a free nation. Perhaps the Times doesn’t want a free nation.


Ms. Ingraham asked him if he’s used the drug touted by the President at two pressers. The President has been vilified for it.

Dr. Smith has given the drug to 64 Covid-19 patients but test results aren’t back yet. However, one patient, in particular, was prescribed Hydroxychloraqunine and Z-Pac. The patient was filled with the virus but is now recovering markedly.  That is anecdotal, but he is giving it to other patients. Ms. Ingraham will check back with him after he gets the results from other patients.

Not every doctor agrees. One top specialist was on Lou Dobbs last night. Dr. Mark Rupp, who is with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, said he sticks with the studies and is looking into the anti-viral drug Remdesivir and other similar drugs. He doesn’t deal with anecdotal success. So, if you’re very sick and might die from Covid-19, definitely don’t go there. He will put you in a control group and if you get the placebo, you might be sacrificed.




  1. The French doctor spoke against using a placebo under these circumstances, saying, that is not medicine.

    There’s a video going around from inside an ICU and many seem to think it’s abnormal. I’ve been in an ICU, and on a ventilator, due to a collapsed lung, and that video online is Not out of the ordinary.

  2. There is always a silver lining and the one here is that the enemies of the republic that are in league with the CCP are coming out into full view.
    Distorted lens dullards will refuse to believe it but those with functioning gray matter will file it away in the memory banks for later reference.

  3. I’s AMAZING to me that people are SOOOooo unwiling to accept the PROVEN Medicine Hydroxy cloroquine!! It’s got 50 Yrs. of effectiveness!! AND! The Doctors are encountering POSITIVE results!!!

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