Kennedy Center thinks they deserve millions while pandemic rages


The Kennedy Center

The arrogant management of The Kennedy Center will receive at least $35 million of our tax dollars from the pandemic relief bill passed by The Senate last night. It heads for the House Friday. Thank Nancy Pelosi and her fellow socialists. It wasn’t the only absurd pork (the biased-left PBS and NPR got millions), but it strikes us as particularly offensive after the management of the Kennedy Center released its message to the suffering Americans.

We take it as — Damn right they will get paid and deserve it too!

There were 3.28 million Americans filing for unemployment this past week, but we will spend $35 million for 3,000 alleged employees at The Kennedy Center, a leftist, elitist cultural boondoggle.

They can take their message and shove it.

Meanwhile, the people in Spain are converting children’s ice rinks into morgues. In Madrid, hotels are now hospitals.

That could be us.


Italy has been the hardest-hit country, so far, after China, with over 70,000 confirmed Chinese Communist Party virus infections and over 7,000 dead. Its epicenter has especially intense business ties to China.

Here’s a little child in Italy calling up to his dead mother who he will never see again. That could be your child.

This could be us.


Let’s not forget who gave the virus to the world and unleashed Holy Hell — the Chinese Communist Party Elite who covered it up:

Jennifer Zeng wrote on Twitter:

“Long lines outside Hankou Funeral Home in #Wuhan on Mar 26. The big sign says:” Family members of people who died of #COVID2019, please go to the entrance of Jingyuan Building for the ashes. 50 meters away.” It was said that some families have accepted 3000 yuan($421) allowance from the government, on the condition that they would bury their loved ones quietly without crying or talking about it.”

While the U.S. media props up Chinese Communist propaganda, China oppresses their people.

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3 years ago

if you think it all goes to eyesore on the Potomac you are seriously mistaken. if you could track it, I’m sure it will find its way back to the DNC

WAR is the answer
WAR is the answer
3 years ago

Fam who works in healthcare is quarantined. We told her to stay working at the delivery service warehouse but the lure of big dollars is strong in the glorious people’s collective.
Dr. Savage says we are all socialists now and it looks that way.
JFK comes up in my desktop wallpapers rotation and that was really the beginning of deep state rule when he was killed. May we one day avenge that great man.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Chinese Communists and our Liberal Socialists share the same power/control mechanisms.